Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Pockets Big Square Bag

Last year I designed and made it for my bestfriend as a diaper bag. I have a plan to make it again because I would like to try to sew zipper by machine. It is easy with straight edges but for curve edges a little bit difficult.

Today is cutting time!!...and basting the table runner.

Have a nice day!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Come Shine Nine Patch Table Runner...Finished Top

My mistake!! It should be gradation block but...Look. The center squares are too white and outer red are too dark. Looked like I had a nine patch and cross quilt instead...Yeah.. It seemed to be fine with 3 layers border but that not my plan. Goodbye to gradation concept, I will try it next time if I can find more proper fabrics. Mental note, next time have to mount the whole quilt to check overall picture before stitching.

At least, I had tried.

Happy sewing!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Come Shine Nine Patch Table Runner....Piecing

This quilt inspired by sunrise. As I have to make a wall hanging homework project for nine patch lesson and would like to try a new idea that pop in my head,  what about playing with gradation color block. The color value should be lightest at center and higher to outer....we will see.
So these are piecing step pictures for my own design table runner. As it is homework project for hand quilting class so every stitches be sewn by machine touch.. This is the first time I think back view is prettier than the front...Like a sea of seam. Hand piecing is fun.

But...I still miss my machine....
Next time I will show you the front of top.
Happy weekend!!

Basic Hand Quilting Class at Pretty Quilt Part 4

Lesson 6 : Lemon star
Project : Lemon star pillow case
The couple pillow cases I made as a wedding gift for my hubby seniors. I used the leftover fabrics from triangle patchwork bag for center star. I had learned about how to draw a pattern , sewing the set-in seams and how to make a pillow case.

Happy sewing!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Indian Purse

As I posted about my smocking experiment last month, this purse is the result.

Indian Purse Front View

Indian Purse Back View
Inside my Indian Purse

For this bag I used smocking method that I learn from my quilting teacher, Nicole Park (Pretty Quilt's owner), and she gave the stripe fabric to for make folding center piece. I designed and draw bag pattern myself, I gave the pattern to Nicky (as a returning gift because she don't charge teaching fee for this method) so she can used it to teach other students.
I am not giving up for smocking yet. I still have one more project to go, the four petal flower smocking. First I planed to make a large tote bag but I found that it look like a big pillow so I will change design. I have no idea. Maybe I should drop it for awhile.

กระเป๋าใบนี้ครูอิ๋มสอนวิธีทำสม็อกกิ้งให้ค่ะ และให้ผ้าลายทางมาด้วยแลกกับการไปช่วยงานตอนที่คุณครูนิกกี้จัดเวิร์คชอบสม็อกกิ้ง กระเป๋าใบนี้ทำเสร็จวันที่จัดเวิร์คชอบค่ะ ซื้อผ้าทำตัวกระเป๋า ปากปิ๊กแป๊กที่ร้านแล้วทำเลย ขวัญวาดแบบกระเป๋าเอง คิดว่าทรงและขนาดกำลังดีค่ะ ใครอยากเรียนติดต่อที่ร้านครูนิกกี้นะคะ ยกแบบกระเป๋าใบนี้ให้ครูไปแล้วค่ะ
ส่วนโปรเจคสม็อกกิ้งกำลังอยู่ในสภาวะหยุดนิ่งชั่วคราวค่ะ คือทำออกมาแล้วมันเหมือนหมอนอิงมากๆ ต้องเปลี่ยนแบบค่ะยังนึกไม่ออก คงต้องทิ้งไว้สักพักค่ะ

Have a nice day!