Friday, August 17, 2012

Come Shine Nine Patch Table Runner....Piecing

This quilt inspired by sunrise. As I have to make a wall hanging homework project for nine patch lesson and would like to try a new idea that pop in my head,  what about playing with gradation color block. The color value should be lightest at center and higher to outer....we will see.
So these are piecing step pictures for my own design table runner. As it is homework project for hand quilting class so every stitches be sewn by machine touch.. This is the first time I think back view is prettier than the front...Like a sea of seam. Hand piecing is fun.

But...I still miss my machine....
Next time I will show you the front of top.
Happy weekend!!


  1. So different to show the back of the quilt instead of the front! Was it hard to hand stitch the whole thing? I'm interested in seeing the front too!

  2. Very neat work! It's looking great, Kwan.


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