Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stop for machine sewing for a while.........

Today my sewing machine is broken again when I have so many projects in have-to-do-it list. First is my square bag that still in progress (Oh, waiting for the proper zipper, I found it out of stock in my supply shop, why everyone bought the brown zippers?). The second, my husband's Ipad case that my machine is stop during the applique' process. I try new applique' method (for me), reverse applique' that I will show you next time when  my machine come back. The third, pumpkin handbag , I got an idea and draw it in my Ipad yesterday, have a plan to cut the fabric but everything have to stop because of the same reason and I still have no free time to bring it to repairing center.
What should I do?
Maybe I should go back to little hand sewing project, EPP hexagon?

Hope you have a nice day!!


  1. I think machines break down when we so much we want to do! I would hand sew too! Relax a bit and wait for your machine to come back!

  2. I'd be lost if my machine broke down - maybe I need to get a spare just in case ;) I'd be handsewing and sketching in the meantime :)


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