Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smocking experiments

Well, back to the days, I was studying in secondary school. I learn to make a pillow with smocking from satin. Never thought that I could do other projects with this sewing technique. Last week I read japanese sewing magazine. (Oh!!.. I have to tell I can't understand japanese articles but there are a lot of pictures or I should say that I just scan it instead.)  So I have an idea to make the smocking purse. These are my new experiments, I would like to learn and try several styles of smockings before design and make a template...What should it be?

อ่านเจอในหนังสือญี่ปุ่นที่คิโนะคุนิยะ สม๊อกกิ้งนี่ทำเป็นกระเป๋าก็สวยดี เลยลองหัดดูเล่นๆ เป็นงานทดลองค่ะยังบอกไม่ได้ว่าจะสำเร็จหรือเปล่า ยังมีลายอื่นๆอีกที่ยังไม่ได้ลองทำค่ะ

Happy sewing.


  1. I'm loving the blue smocking but just behind it I can't believe how you've smocked the red spots to create 4 petal flowers - that's so great :)

  2. They look great - look forward to seeing your finished bag.


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